About Wishlist

 Why I started Wishlist by Ashley Marion: I was born with an extremely debilitating and disfiguring disease called an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). This Malformation is located in the left side of my face and has at times left me disfigured, swollen, and unable to move. I suffer from chronic bleeds that result in blood transfusions, many hospital stays, and emergency surgeries. After having had 73 surgeries to date, I am considered in operable in the United States. This has led my to an amazing doctor located in Milan, Italy where I am currently receiving experimental treatments in hopes of finding a cure. Wishlist is my creative outlet, this is where I find myself forgetting about all the negative and unknown and simply focusing on something I love, something I can control. With how disfigured I had become (as you can see from me always hiding half of my face in my photos) I found myself gravitating more towards fashion to help me build my confidence back up. I strive for all my designs to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

Who are we: All our pieces are designed, patterned, and sewn in house by myself! I have so much fun finding high quality, unique fabrics. Watching my designs start from a concept, and slowly become a finished piece is a dream come true. I take pride in the quality of my work and would never put anything out I didn’t absolutely love.

How we are different: To start EVERYTHING IS ONE OF A KIND! In the past I have struggled with making one of a kind pieces, yet needing to somewhat mass produce. I came up with the perfect twist on this concept. I am taking styles we all love and doing small alterations to each individual garment. This way each piece is unique and one of a kind, just like you! I also enjoy adding hints of my favorite trends. I design items I would feel comfortable and confident wearing in hopes that feeling translates to my customers. Wishlist officially started in September 2016, with a big rebrand in October 2019 and since then I have been honing in on what you all love!

Our competitors: Retail stores and boutiques all have similar items you can basically find anywhere else. I truly have pieces you can only get here. I want you to radiate confidence and feel you are wearing something no one else has (because you are). But what really makes us stand out is that I don’t mark up my prices. I price according to material costs and how much time it takes me to make these amazing pieces you won’t find anywhere else. I focus on the entire process to make sure my pieces are high quality, have a great fit, and still affordable!