Pinstripe Dress

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Welcome to our handmade shop! Here you will find all our items are designed, patterned, and sewn in house by creator Ashley Marion.

These button down dresses are made up of gorgeous pinstripe materials. Each dress features two pinstripes in two different colors, and no two color combos are the same. These dresses have a slightly fitted silhouette with a flattering pleat across the back waist line of the dress. The clean silhouette paired with a slightly distressed hem gives you the option of dressing up or down this dress.

Dress Measurements:

Small: Waist ~29", Hip ~36"

Medium: Waist ~33", Hip ~40"

Large: Waist ~ 39", Hip ~46"



WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold, Delicate & Tumble dry low. (May be steamed or pressed)